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December 06, 2010

Usually I save the personal posts for my other blog, but witnessing a birth is such a personal experience that I just can’t help it! :)

When my good friend, Amanda, asked if I would be interested in photographing the birth of her twins, I was excited. Birth photography has been something that has intrigued me, but with the unpredictability of labor and birth, I don’t feel comfortable telling clients that I can guarantee my presence 100%. My thought process always comes back to… what if they deliver substantially early or late and I have a wedding booked?! That thought is a little scary and so birth photography has remained on the back burner.

The fact that Amanda is a fellow photographer who understood my situation helped calm my fears immensely. Every time Toby and I had a wedding as October was ending, I think both Amanda and I would just pray super hard that she’d make it at least to the middle of November when Toby and I were finished with weddings for the year. And she did make it to mid-November… and then some. In fact, she carried those two beautiful boys to 37 weeks and beyond. Thank goodness she did because I was able to be there when her twins were born.

And it was amazing.

I will be forever grateful to Amanda for the opportunity to be a part of Rome and Max’s birth. I feel so blessed not only to have had the experience, but to see in Amanda the unyielding strength of a woman in labor. That was phenomenal… Not that I haven’t been in labor, but since I never made it to 3 cm before being told I needed a C-section, my personal experience was very, very different – lots of pain without the progress. :( To see Amanda as she handled the pain while letting her body do what it was made to do was really wonderful.

There are no words to describe watching a parent with their child when they are moments old… Capturing that was a privilege.

Photography for me has always been about love stories. A husband’s love for his new wife. A mama’s love for her little girl – whether she’s 3 years old or walking down the aisle… Being a part of a birth makes me feel like I’ve been able to witness another of the most beautiful love stories ever written…

A husband’s love for his wife as she labors… How proud he is of her… How amazed he is by what she’s doing… A mother’s strength – both mental and physical… Fresh tears as they meet their babies for the first time. The mama’s mama who watches her little girl goes through all of the pain… Strokes her little girl’s hair… Experiences joy as a grandmother and a mother as she watches her baby hold her grandbabies…

It’s so powerful.

Amanda :: I cried putting this together. A lot. Your choice to have the black and white film-like story was perfect. So often I thank God that our lives crossed paths so randomly… I really believe that He knew what He was doing when we met and became friends. You have brought so much joy and sanity :) into my life already and I can’t wait to see our friendship grow over the coming years. Congratulations on your beautiful boys. You more than earned them. xoxo

- Annie

For the full birth story, you can watch the video below. (Make sure you can hear the music!) Or, scroll down to see some of my favorite images.

Amanda’s mom, Cam, is beautiful!

Love this moment.

Since all twins have to be delivered in the OR as a precaution, I didn’t get to be there when they boys were actually born… I was bummed, but I think it’s neat that Amanda and her husband, Hayden, will always have that moment to share.

Look at this proud mama as she was wheeled back in! :) Max is on the left and Roman is on the right.

Max with his daddy.

Roman and Cam.

Max with his mama.

Sweet Max.

Roman is going to be a charmer!

Amanda, I’ve never known a woman to finish delivering one or more children and still look this beautiful.


Hayden and Max.

Amanda and Rome.

Cam and Max.

Rome looks so peaceful…

One of my favorites. Love this one…

Max was holding his mama’s hand. So cute.

The boys. Max is on the left and Rome is on the right.

I am super proud of this shot… Sticking a fisheye lens in the air under a light and trying to get a good, focused shot with no shadow from the camera wasn’t easy! Totally worth it, though! Rome is on the left and Max is on the right.


Noah’s first birthday was this Friday – I can’t believe he’s already one! :) Here’s the slideshow I put together for him from his first year! It’s super long, but I wanted to share! :) Remember to adjust your speakers for the music!

- Annie